Client names and locations have not been included for privacy reasons.

You all are truly amazing! I’m so priveleged to have met true angels and saviors from God!

We cannot thank you guys enough! It also was a pleasure to meet everyone. You guys are an awesome team! The donation we made was the least we could do. You guys have gone above and beyond! We just wanted to show appreciation for all of you and the special gifts you guys have. We are definitely going to have a party to celebrate the time in our lives where you guys came in and kicked ass!! Because of that, we all have new friends now.

We are still a bit exhausted but the house feels lighter and cleaner. Thank you again for everything your team did. It’s amazing how everyone was saying the same thing this morning.

I feel good! A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Last night was good. I haven’t slept that good in a long time. Thanks, Jeff for all the help. You and the team are awesome. God Bless you guys.

I would just like to say thank you to Spirit of the Sword for helping me get my life back! For months I was experiencing horrible things, I was being scratched all over my body, I had terrible pains in my head, I had such a hard time sleeping, and objects would go flying across my room. At first when all this was going on I never would have thought that I had the demonic in my home. I was always a skeptic of things like that but now I truly believe. It wasn’t only attacking me but my 3 year old son as well. Many people find it hard to believe that it’s real but from my experience let me be the one to say it’s all too real.

I reached out to them not knowing what to expect, but they were so selfless, helpful, and compassionate. They sent all the people in my family that lived in our home a necklace with the Blessed Mother and a crucifix to protect us. They reached out to me frequently asking how my family was and I also had long conversations with the group where they explained the process to me. Our conversations were followed by prayers to keep my family and me safe!

When the day came for them to come to my home the whole group was so courteous and caring. I was so nervous but they reassured me that everything was going to be ok and I felt in my heart it was going to be because they were there.  They went through the process to remove the demonic and negative energy from my home. After it was complete I felt an instant relief. The fear I had , the weight on my body, the thoughts of how do I protect my children were all gone too!! Also Yvonne was so kind, she baptized me to add protection to me.

Before they left they gave us all clear instructions to follow to keep our home free from negatives. I couldn’t feel any better then I do right now and after months of feeling angry, tired, worried and restless, my family and I can now live the beautiful life we deserve! Thank you Spirit of the Sword for allowing me to have my life back. Without you guys I don’t know what I would have done !

Over the course of the past several years, I’ve experienced several events and occurrences that have solidified my belief in the paranormal world. It all culminated during the early morning hours of 12/26/18 when I was “visited” by the image of two young girls standing in my bedroom. Mind you, my home is more than secure when I go to bed at night. All my entry doors are locked and I even lock my bedroom door, but yet they were there. One was young, waving and smiling enthusiastically; the other was taller and more shy. I dispatched them by saying they didn’t belong in my home and it was “okay for them to go”. After some thought, I decided to reach out to Spirit of the Sword Paranormal Resolution for further assistance. Their brilliant work determined that there was much more to my situation. They rapidly mobilized and got down to business to make sure I was safe and protected from what I was dealing with. They came to my home and completely mitigated the situation. It was like a heavy blanket had been lifted off of me, my home, and my life. I sleep better at night. I am filled with positivity and can see the light in each and every day. Some folks might be skeptical, some might not believe in the paranormal world. I’m here to tell you it’s real and Spirit of the Sword Paranormal Resolution is the best that there is. If you think you have a need, do yourself a favor and reach out to them. Your life will only become better!!!

Thank you again for coming out and helping this family. I hope this resolved a lot of their issues. I also hope some of those souls found peace. You guys are awesome, thanks again.

Would like for all of those who don’t know who the Spirit of Sword team is please become acquainted with them. There will be times we will use them. They always have excellent blogs. articles and news about the Spiritual Realm, good or bad. When the group originally started Spirit of the Sword was my lifeline…Jeff Brown, Yvonne Michele Allen, the whole team was a huge support group…Thanks to you all…  – Joel Cavin, Founder/Director Virginia Beach Supernatural Research Society

I consulted with Yvonne and Jeff for a handful of cases. They are great people with big hearts. Great resource for information. – Maria Frances Gogolkiewicz McDonald, Psychic Medium Virginia Beach Supernatural Research Society

Good afternoon and I hope this note finds you well. I had to share that I met with the deacon from our local Catholic church for about an hour and a half. Long story short, I will be going back to my Catholic faith after leaving it for 30 years. We will be going to mass Saturday night. God sent me signs but I always felt I was too insignificant to think he would bother with me. I feel like I have walked out of a cave of sorts. It’s been amazing and my conversation with Yvonne did something to me that I’ll never be able to explain. I had to share. Blessings to you all.

I want to thank you all so much for everything you have done and continue to do. Xxxxxx is so happy and playful. She said she feels better than ever.

I did not know that I was under a negative attachment until Yvonne and Jeff realized it. They came to this conclusion after looking at my past experiences and what was going on in my home. It was determined I had a negative atachment pretty much my whole life. I also had a past history of an Incubus and recently I had been attacked physically by spirits. I have dealt with seven other paranormal groups over the years and none of them accomplished what Jeff, Yvonne, Buffy and Jim did. Jeff and Yvonne were able to banish the demonic and clear out all the other entities that were here. It is very peaceful here now. My life is dramatically different now.

Spirit of the Sword Paranormal is the most wonderful collaboration of talented people that I have ever met. They certainly are blessed with gifts from God. I feel that I have made new, wonderful friends and I will not forget them. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a serious problem.

I’d like to start by saying that I have always had gifts/abilities of my own. In fact, I spent the majority of my life denying and hiding what I saw and heard.  I mean, I told no one.  I was always able to manage the “visitors”, so I felt no need to open-up about my experiences. That all changed when I moved into a home that had an energy and darkness unlike any I had previously encountered.  We heard voices, growling, and footsteps, objects would fall or move on their own, we were pushed and fell, slapped in the face even. You name it, it happened. After years of trying anything and everything, I sought help.  Our family needed answers. Being able to speak about what was happening in our home, without fear of being thought crazy, was a huge relief. What this team does, the care, the concern, their knowledge, their willingness to go above and beyond, is exceptional. The SOTS team walks through your door as guests, and they leave as friends. We met Jeff and Yvonne earlier on, and to be honest, we love them like family. After meeting Buffy and Jim, we were equally impressed. These are warm individuals who have been placed in a position to help others, and they do so with open arms. There is no judgement, there is only love.

I wanted to just tell everyone how awesome the SOTS team was for my family. They came in and totally eliminated the spirits that had been harassing my daughter’s 2 toddlers for some time. These spirits were an old man somehow possessed by a demon and his daughter. Three times did this man show himself to my ex-wife and daughter.  The old man did not like men, especially me in the house and constantly tormented the 3 and 5 year old until they refused to go upstairs alone and they could never sleep through the night without being awakened.  The electronics in the house were always being tampered with by either turning on or off, changing channels, or frequencies.  All this turmoil in the household ended when Jeff, Yvonne, Buffy and Jim came and finally moved these spirits over. It’s been a blessing for them to have answered our call for peace in the house. It’s been 2 weeks and everything has ended. The kids are comfortable and feel safe in their own home.  I am so grateful for the SOTS team and their effort. I would highly recommend SOTS to help anyone who is having a supernatural experience that they need to be ridden of. These four individuals helped save our sanity. Thanks again for an amazing wondrous cleansing.

Thank you for your help. Its been 8 long years of harrassment and electronic manipulation and finally, IT’S GONE. Thanks to Jeff, Yvonne, Buffy and Jim we are free. Since the 4th, things are calm and peaceful. I am so thankful to you for helping my family get back to normal and out of the clutches of these three beings. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I don’t share my experience with anyone. It’s hard to explain the unknown to anyone who has never had to deal with hauntings or demonic oppression. There are teams who only want money; however, SOTS team is there to help. They worked so hard to help me and they became such a huge part of my life. They were and are AMAZING! I love you Yvonne and Jeff SO much! I have dealt with so many people, paranormal teams, psychics, demonologists, clairvoyants, priests and preachers. There is judgement and there are scammers, so please if you need help be cautious. You can 100% trust SOTS! They have supported me more than my own family. I love this team with all of my heart !!!

I would like to thank the Spirit of the Sword team, Yvonne, Jeff, Buffy, and Jim, for coming into my home and ridding all the demons, negativity, and saving my granddaughter from what could’ve been devastating. I’ve been dealing with this since I was ten years old and I’m 47 now. A long time to live such a life full of dread and like I was walking in limbo. My granddaughter will no longer be covered in bruises, and can actually sleep through the night. She says Nana “I’m not afraid anymore”, her evil friend is gone!!! The house is so much lighter and happier, I’ve haven’t felt this full of life since I can remember! I am so grateful, words can’t explain! Thank you Spirit of the Sword for giving me my life back!!!!

First off I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to this extraordinary team. They helped my family and I with not only the spirits that were in our home, but with our spiritual selves as well. You see paranormal shows on TV and the havoc it can cause to a family. I didn’t think this would happen to my family. Although the spirits had no intention to harm us, the emotions, tension, restlessness and anxiety affected us all. We were not sleeping and I have not slept in my room since March. I was also dealing with an ability that has grown stronger since moving into this house. I always knew I was “different”. I constantly pick up the emotions and atmosphere wherever I go. I thought I was going crazy. I was constantly fatigued, and plagued by anxiety.
When I contacted SOTS, they jumped right in to help immediately.  Without being in the residence, Buffy was able to pin point the spirits in our house, the names and why they were there. Buffy also told me without a doubt, I am an empath. She gave me some counseling on how to control this ability. Last night, Jeff, Buffy, Yvonne and Jim came to our home for the first time. I immediately felt their comforting presence. They were able to cross over 3 spirits peacefully. This team is incredibly powerful. They do this from the kindness of their hearts. They were given these abilities to help others. Our home feels lighter, all of us slept a full night’s sleep for the first time in a long time. This includes our pets who were always worked up by the presence of the spirits. We no longer feel tension, anxiety or any heaviness. I am looking forward to sleeping in my room tonight. I want to thank Yvonne for spiritually counseling my mother. My mother has this happy, positive glow surrounding her now. I’m so happy and Blessed to have met this team and the work they did for my family. I cannot put it in words how thankful we are.

I just want to start out by saying … never did I think, I would be where I am now.  I am going to try and make a very long story short.   I was divorced after 20 years … moved into my own home with my daughters and right off the bat something seemed off, not only with my life but the house.  Things were going missing.  I always felt as if someone were watching me, oppressing me, cursing my every move. I successfully “ignored ” all of the happenings for 5/6 years and then it seemed like the gates of hell opened. For the next 4 years I was sexualy assaulted, was scratched on nunerous ocassions so badly I bled, I had constant bruises, I started seeing shadows, things were being moved, scratching in my attic and orbs, too many to count. And these are just the things I could catch pictures of or record the sounds.  I thought I was literally losing my mind no matter who came, (I had the best of the best paranormal teams, or so I thought) and blessed my home or cleansed it… it was all still here…then by divine intervention, and I mean that in the literal sense, I had a friend who took my case to Spirit of the Sword. Now I honestly thought to myself … here we go again, more people who can “clean” my home. I once again jumped in with both feet.Unknown to me days before I ever spoke to Yvonne and Jeff they were busy cleansing my home.  And it was wild because when they first called me, activity had gone very quiet for a few days and I thought it was the normal pattern in this house….was I wrong! They had been cleansing my home and working on what was here helping so many spirits cross over so they could deal with the demonic entity that was here. These folks are truly a handmade of God himself. This team is so powerful. I thank God everyday for bringing them into my life. They have taught me so much, opened my eyes to a world filled with love, compassion, grace, understanding and so much more .. and all through prayer. I have made friends that I feel like I have known forever. Spirit of the Sword has given me a whole new lease on life. God works through them and they truly can work miracles because of Him. I could really go on and on, but let me end with this … if you are troubled in your home like I was,  this team will teach you to have a deep faith and trust in the Our Lord that no darkness or demon could penetrate. I truly have an abundant peaceful life now thanks to this team. THANK YOU SO MUCH  for giving me my life back.

I feel good!!! Like, for the most part, back to my old self again! My rash is 100% gone, I haven’t felt ANY heat/redness in my face, I feel lighter all around and I am extremely conscious now of making sure I turn any negativity around me into something positive. I can not believe how much has changed since you came into the picture and also your whole prayer group. You all are truly angels here on earth. I don’t even know how to thank you enough. I know this isn’t an easy process or something that takes one day or even a few, and I know that this will be something I have to learn to manage for the rest of my life. But, I’m confident with the right tools and knowledge, I can fully protect myself. Nora’s book is amazing. The first sentence “I’m not crazy” was so fitting for me because that has been my mantra through this whole thing! I know what I’m experiencing is real and denying it would have only made things worse (not sure how possible that would have been so the thought is utterly scary). My gratitude and love for all of you is eternal.

Thank you so much for your help. You mean the world to me. Thank you for all of what you have done for me and for my family. I love you so much. You’re in my prayers tonight.