JEFF  Director / Spiritual Counselor

Jeff became interested in the paranormal after meeting Ed & Lorraine Warren in 1970. He was an investigator and also the media relations representative for Delmarva Historic Haunts, Inc., before becoming the assistant director of LightSeekers Paranormal Resolutions, which appeared on Destination America’s Paranormal Survivor in an episode entitled “Haunted Objects”, a segment about a haunted motorcycle. He has also been directly involved with many demonic cases and witnessed first hand the turmoil it can cause.

Jeff is retired from a 30 year career working in a very busy 911 center and was also very active in the FIRE/EMS service, having spent time as a public information officer. During his time off, he worked in the visual media field and is able to utilize those skills, documenting cases and coordinating all of the requests for assistance. 

Jeff has always had a close relationship with the angelic realm and their divine guidance, allowing him to assist clients with angel therapy before, during and after the resolution of their case.


YVONNE –  Religious Demonologist / Deliverance Minister / Spiritual Counselor

Yvonne is an ordained Christian minister and comes from a very spiritual background. Her grandfather was a member of the clergy who participated in the Rite of Exorcism in Europe and her family history can be traced back to the early days of Salem, MA. She has had a strong interest in the demonic side of the paranormal for many years and is constantly studying cases and techniques from the top demonologists and exorcists around the world.

Yvonne, was also a member of LightSeekers Paranormal Resolutions, which appeared on Destination America’s Paranormal Survivor in an episode entitled “Haunted Objects”. She is a co-founder of SOTS and has worked with many clients in various stages of demonic possession. Her God given calling, gift of discernment and the ability to see both human and non-human entities has been invaluable to her in successfully resolving these cases. Yvonne’s many years of counseling experience is also an asset to those in need of her spiritual support.




 JIM –  Religious Demonologist / Deliverance Assistant / Tech Specialist

Jim has been involved first hand with the paranormal for several years and has many personal experiences. His interest started early in his life and he continues to study and research the unknown, especially the darker side of the paranormal realm. His goal is to help provide people with a better understanding of it.

He is an audio and video expert, having had extensive training with AV & photographic equipment, and also brings to the team twenty seven plus years of investigative experience with a local law enforcement agency, all of which are invaluable assests to SOTS.

While doing a case, Jim was informed by the other side about gifts he has from his deep-rooted spiritual past and is now assisting with religious deliverances.



 BUFFY – Physical Medium / Clairsentient / Occult Specialist 

Buffy has been working with the paranormal for over 30 years as a physical medium, clairsentient, empath and a Celtic Wiccan practitioner who communicates with the dead.  Her abilities were known to her as early as the age of 4 when she first saw and felt her first spirit.  She was given these gifts from the other side for the purpose of being the voice from across the veil.  Buffy is also a 25 year Occult Specialist veteran, who uses her gifts to tell the stories and give messages across the void to those in the living world.  She crosses the wanderers and the lost spirits back to their rightful place.  She is very experienced in house blessings, cleansings, vortex/portal closures, and banishment rituals.

Buffy can trace her lineage back to the Highlands of Scotland in the 1600’s, across the oceans to Salem Massachusetts and the Salem Witch Trials where she is a direct descendant of Ms. Elizabeth Gibson and Ms. Sarah Jamison, both of which were tried and found guilty of witchcraft. Buffy’s abilities have been passed down from the generations in her family and now to her youngest. She also uses her abilities and knowledge to help counsel those who are gifted, especially children.


BAILEEInvestigator / Prayer Warrior



+ SOTS has very gifted mediums, psychics, prayer warriors, and clergy that work along with us.+