SOTS is a ministry dedicated to assessing and resolving paranormal activity, especially when demonic or negative entities are involved. Demons are very real and demonic possession does occur. Our team has witnessed what demonic infestation, demonic oppression, and demonic possession can do to a human being and their home/family and we have been very successful in resolving these types of cases.

Our services include spirit removaldemon removal, curse removal or hex removal, house blessings or house cleansings, spiritual counseling, angel therapy and when necessary, religious deliverances. Spirit of the Sword is also available to assist other paranormal teams who may encounter demonic or negative entities during their investigations.

In many of our cases, we encounter children who possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. They are referred to as indigo, crystal or star children. It is not easy for childen to grow up in the fast paced ego world of today and even harder when they possess these very special gifts. SOTS is able to work with these children and their families to help them better understand and learn how to safely use their gifts.

Calling upon a team like ours is a very difficult decision to make for most people. We will always be sensitive to your needs and we will always respect your right to privacy. SOTS does not charge for our services but we will gladly accept donations to our ministry. There are many operational expenses involved in running a ministry such as ours.

Our client testimonials speak for themselves expressing how effective, compassionate, and successful we have been resolving a wide range of supernatural issues.

Spirit of the Sword is based in Delaware but we have successfully handled cases both on location and remotely throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Due to our caseload, we are only accepting cases in Delaware, Eastern Maryland, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania.