Beast 666 ~ Yvonne Allen

According to the book of Revelation, the end of the world will be heralded by the unleashing of a horrible demon into the world. In one final desperate attempt to reassert himself, the Devil will send a false prophet — The Antichrist — and the Beast 666, a ferocious apocalyptic fallen angel who rises from the sea ridden by the whore of Babylon. Beast 666 is a scarlet-hued monstrosity with the body of a leopard, the feet of a bear, and the jaws of a lion. It has ten horns and seven heads, and spews blasphemy and haughty words from each of its mouths. it will have power over the world for forty-two months. Within that time “dwellers on earth whose names are not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world will marvel to behold the beast, because it was and is not and is to come.” (Revelation 17:8). The beast will lay waste to all around it, visiting plague and destruction on the lives of mankind and defeating the power of the saints. In time, the Beast will be accompanied by the false prophet, or the Antichrist, who will trick people into believing that he is Jesus Christ. He will show brazen images of the Beast, commanding everyone to adore it. He and the beast will brand their followers with the mark 666 on their forehead or hand, and anyone who resists will be slaughtered. The Day of Reckoning will come about in a place called Armageddon. Beast 666, and the legions of evil will do battle with Jesus Christ and his army from Heaven. In the triumph of good and evil, Judgment Day will come and the false prophet and Beast 666 will be captured and hurled into a boiling lake of fire and brimstone. The Devil will be chained and locked in Hell for a term of a thousand years, and all true believers who refused to succumb to Beast will be saved.