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In this section of my blog we have moved on to VAMPIRES!!  Who can resist the classic romantic vampire?  The impeccably dressed, youthful, gorgeous gentleman (or woman) with the hypnotizing stare from across the crowded room.  The stare that seems to call to you, entice you and whisk away all other thoughts other than them to draw you in.  The promises to make you youthful and the gift of immortality….

Alright people, we have all seen the movies… ya know… Interview with a Vampire, Vampire Diaries, Twilight, (and NO girls,,, I’ll let you in on a little secret… THEY DON’T SPARKLE!  SORRY) Bram Stoker’s Dracula and even Nosferatu.  We’ve all seen the actors… Brad Pitt, Tom Cruz, Ian Summerhalter (Hubba Hubba,,, even though I’m pretty sure I’m old enough to be his mother.. Look, a girl can dream ok) If you are old enough to remember, Bella Lugosi and Lon Chaney.
Again, these tales and that is just what they are,,, have been soo diluted with romance and added filler that we have definitely gotten as far away as possible from the true “LEGEND” of the VAMPIRE and DRACULA!!
It all started in 1922 when a gentleman by the name of F.W. Manau made the first film about the legend of the vampire and Dracula called Nosferatu.  It was an actual silent film.  Yes, it was made before they could figure out how to add sound to moving pictures.  You would sit in a theater and watch a screen with someone at a piano who added the music to the movie.

Sooo where did they actually get the ideas to make these movies??  From a mixture of Legend and Truth…  Where did they come up with the legend of the Vampire and Dracula??  TRUTH… From Romania.  The Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, Romania to be exact.  Where the scariest forests and the most dangerous mountain terrains in the world are.  Each ethnic background has their tales of the dark forests and superstitions to tell children to listen to their parents and not wander too far from home.  But this story has more truth then tale.  With a mixture of what the Romanians call a Stirgoi (Pronounced Stir-goy)

It all started in the 15th century with a Romanian prince and princess who gave birth to a son in the small town of Sighisoara (Pronounced Zigishwara) outside of Transylvania, Romania.  Their son shall be named Vlad Dracolhata.  Later shortened to Dracol (pronounced Drakool).  There is some discrepancy as to the translation of Dracol in Romanian to either mean Dragon or Devil.  We do know that his families crest was the dragon.  Thus known as the house of the dragon.  Vlad’s father gained control of the city of Wallachia and ruled for quite some time.  However, his father was assonated in 1447 by an enemy clan.
For his safety, Vlad escaped to the north to Transylvania but vowed to avenge his father’s death and to take control of what was rightfully his.  He ran to one of his family’s homes, a castle called Brahn Castle high in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania.  While there, he finished building the empire that his father envisioned and amassed an army that for the most part, would remain loyal to the House of the Dragon. Vlad also continued the construction of his father’s dream castle which became known as the most fortified castle in the world.
This castle was built with specific floor plans that in most places, had walls of stone build between 5-10 feet thick, a mote that was 12 feet deep and Bastions on all four corners that were built so high, it gave him a 360 degree panoramic view of his kingdom including the woods and neighboring countries.
I know, I know,,,, you are about to fall asleep with this history lesson and want to know where does “THE IMPALER” part come in and what about the vampires!!?  Well, now, we have to get through some history first.  So here it comes…

When Vlad was prepared to take over where his father left off with ruling his part of Romania, we must remember that at this time in history, there was a HUGE civil unrest in the country and the country was basically being sacked by a neighboring country every other week.  But his number one enemy???  THE TURKS!!  He would set out to deliver a reign of terror on anyone who tried to invade his walls and his people.  He was said to be so hell bent on avenging his father that he was psychotic in his ways of war.  You asked where “THE IMPALER” part comes in?  Well here it is… Vlad was said to be sooo crazy and psychotic that he was said to relish in capturing his enemies and delivering diabolical means of torture such as boiling, disemboweling his victims, skinning them while still alive, cutting off noses and saving them as trophies, to his favorite torture of all,,, IMPALING!!!
Vlad fed his compulsion of sending messages to all who tried to sack his cities by impaling his victims on pikes while they screamed in horror and posting their bodies to die and rot in a line on all roads leading to his kingdom, as said message and a lesson of exactly what they would receive if attempted.  There is evidence of him dining Al Fresco in his torture yard.  His meal consisted of the entrails of his tortured victims served rare and their blood mixed with his wine.  Oh, but he was not all merciless.. He did show mercy to a lucky few after he was done torturing them.  Those that he showed “Mercy” to, were sent out in the Carpathian Mountains naked with no food, to find their way back from whence they came, and to send a tale of the reception that his would be sackers would receive.  He was not so totally cruel though… late in the 1450’s-1460’s , he did make pacts with the Ottoman Empire to not completely control them but to have a huge hand in it..
Here comes the real scary part…. You would think that the Transylvanian people would fear the CRAP OUTTA THIS MAN!!  Oh, contraire!!  THEY FREAKIN LOVED THE MAN!!!  THEY PRAISED HIM UP AND DOWN…THEY HAD FESTIVALS IN HIS HONOR!!!  HE WAS THE MOST REVEARED MAN IN CHRISTIANDOM!!
You know why??  Because he successfully kept his city and his townspeople from every getting attacked and overthrown!!

Here is the real “NAIL IN THE COFFIN” pun totally intended… The whole “Vampire not liking sunlight thing,” because he strategically sacked cities at night under the cover of darkness while most slept so that they never saw it coming… and in 1476, Vlad The Impaler Dracol, met an untimely fate when a small band of rebels got through the city walls and killed Vlad with a stake through the heart!!

As far as the whole “Fangy” Thing,,, That is a legend called a Stirgoi.  Still today, along the country sides of Romania, which are BEAUTIFUL by the way, there is still today, stories and superstitions spun of The Stirgoi.  Stirgoi in Romanian, loosely translates to Undead Witch.  The legend goes that a Stirgoi can be anyone in a village who is thought to be a witch who hexes people, spreads bad luck, the old lonely woman or man that no one goes near in the village or someone who commits suicide.  The Stirgoi is known to be able to shape shift into any animal but most like to shift into a winged and fanged black night flyer.  They do not drink blood but possess the living and drink their energy until they are dead and become a stirgoi themselves.
It is also believed since most of the Romanian people are Orthodox Christians, that if you commit suicide, you soul can no longer go to heaven and it is damned to walk the earth as a stirgoi.  After a person dies, if the village is plagued by bad luck, bad dreams, stolen children, it is believed that the last person who died in the village is a Stirgoi and it is up to the village elders to take care of this beast.
To do this, they must go to the graveyard in the middle of the night, dig up the body, disembowel it, remove the blood, cook it in sacred herbs such as sweet basil, rosemary and lavender, eat it, chop quarter the body, stuff the chest cavity with more herbs, stake the heart with a wooden stake, and rebury the separate parts in separate areas.  This will ensure that the stirgoi is DEAD DEAD!! Never to come back to bother the village again.  See the similarities of the two combined?  And YES there are still small villages scattered all over Romania that still practice the fending off of the Stirgoi!

As far as the whole movie sucking blood and using garlic to fend off the fanged one,,, Garlic has no effect on these things in fact, Romanians LOVE GARLIC… It’s like Frank’s Red Hot there… They put that BLEEEEP, on EVERYTHAAANG.  As for the crosses, holy water and stakes, who knows… Since the majority of the population is still Orthodox Christian, it may work.

That is all for the blog today my Pretties!! Stay tuned for next week’s RIVETING blog… The last part in this blog (BOOK LOL) DEMONS!!  OH MY!!!

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