BOOK II-Witches, Vampires and Demons-Part 1 The Witch ~ Buffy Russell

Today I would like to talk about how main stream movies and media have portrayed cults, religions, the other side, manifestations, and the TRUTH!!  I would also like to touch on Fantasy vs. Reality.  It has become for commonplace in past years that movie makers have been romanticizing certain aspects of what they label as “CULTS” or “THE OCCULT” especially witches and vampires.  Shows like Charmed, The Vampire Diaries and movies like The Craft, Interview with A Vampire.  Do they make good ratings and rake in the big bucks for all involved??  YES!!! Are they chocked full of romance, starry eyed teens or hot babes and drama/action???  YES!!!  Is ANY of it real???  NOOOOO!!!  I can see that most people’s joy of reading this has come to a screeching HALT!!  Sorry to have burst your bubbles my pretties but I have to put it out there.

Oh come on!!  I’m human too (although some would tend to disagree..MUGGLES) I watched those shows and got caught up in the romance of things just like you and everyone else.  Heck, I too spent almost what seemed my weight in cash standing out in the cold lines to be one of the first at midnight to see Interview with a Vampire.  I mean come on,, Who could resist seeing Brad Pit and Tom Cruz in all there Victorian loveliness???  I still get excited to catch a rerun of Charmed.  Bottom line is that producers and directors add romance and myth to these creatures, beings and religions (NO NOT CULTS! and I will teach you the difference) to captivate a wide range of fan bases so that they make more money.  Sure they MAY add a sprinkling of truth here and there but it’s basically for conversation.

This in turn causes a HUGE interest especially with teens and young adults to delve into the Occult and start “PRACTICING” their brains out without knowing the first thing about witchcraft and the branches of.  So this causes them to run to their internet and start googling things about witches, vampires, demons, majick (yes spelled correctly) casting, conjuring and the like.  The problem with these sights like WIKAPEDIA (which I can’t stand) is that ANYONE without knowledge of any of what they are writing, can post anything without having a speck of truth or education in it.  So it’s what I call Forrest Gumpin It!!   Because witchcraft and the Occult on the internet is like a box of chocolates…. Ya never know what you’re gonna get!  Let me be the first to tell you that the internet is no place to find religion.  There has been a mass exodus towards the Wiccan religion because of these movies that makes it sound cool to be a witch and that all witches are badasses cuz they can do all kinds of things like levitate, put curses and hexes on people they don’t like, make Jimmy fall madly in love with me, I can cause great Aunt Ethel the millionairess to drop dead at the dinner table and leave all her money to me.. WOO HOO!!!
UHHHHH,, WRONG!!!  BACK UP THERE SCOOTER!!!  Do you honestly think that if I had the power to shoot lightning outta my hands, levitate, and all that other hyped crap, that I would still be doing my menial ( and I do mean MENIAL) 9to5er…. HELLS TO THE NAAAAWW!! All this romancing the culture makes wannabe’s run to the internet and start printing of spells of all kinds without knowing where or who they came from.  They don’t know whether it’s white majick, black majick, or gray.. They go to their local occult shop who will sell anything to anyone including selling their own grandma to make a buck, not teach them anything or ask them what they plan on doing with it, and then let them out into the streets like a loose cannon!!  And then when that happen’s… WE get called to clean up the mess.. Deliver the people your horseplay and shenanigans have brought forth by accident, send back the unwanted ghosts and living entities to put them back to rest(where they wanted to be in the first place) and close the portals and vortexes that you guys have opened.  And most importantly physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually hurting someone FOR REAL!!
You can’t go willy nilly practicing majick. Playing with OUIJA BOARDS!!!! A BIG,,, I REPEAT A BIG NO NO!!  DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE…Without knowing what you are doing, you may be wanting to contact Great Aunt Bertha but you have opened a door to another realm of existence that will let EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IN!!  You will get what you did not want and when you run scared and through the board away,,, you’ve left the door wide open.. It’s like leaving your door open with a sign on it that says “Burglars and Thieves Welcomed, take whatever you want!!”  The biggest problem, is that they don’t want to leave because they have found new toys to play (TORMENT) with…YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND PETS
Which begs the question, can anyone practice majick??  YES!  But to REALLY know your stuff, I believe that you have to be of generational witchery…. A blood line is that special spark inside someone’s genetic makeup.  You also have to practice consciously for YEARS and learn from someone who is well seasoned to teach you the right way… With a teaching in the laws of cause and effect.  That is why a good Wiccan will abide by the laws of 3… EVER MIND THE LAW OF THREE THREE TIMES YOUR ACTS COME BACK TO THEE… THIS LESSON WELL THOUST MUST LEARN…THOUST ONLY GETS WHAT THEE DOST EARN IN RETURN!!!!  Basically saying if you do something bad with the gifts you were given or learned… It will come back to you bad three times or three times worse… Everything must be kept in balance… the laws of Karma!!  It’s like because I saw someone build an atom bomb on youtube, does that automatically make you a nuclear rocket scientist and you can google how to make it and it will work???  NOOO!!   But there are all kinds of witches and those who are willing to make potions and will attest that they can make your wildest dreams come true or make poor old Billy fall in love with you are either just out to make a quick buck or they just don’t care about what happens afterwards.  And that is a shame because those are the self- proclaimed people that will send us back 350 years, back to the times where a person could not sneeze in the wrong direction of a catholic church and not be proclaimed as a witch or heal a sick person with natural herbs, or help a dying person ease their pain so that when the vail broke, and it was time to go, their transition was painless.  They were tortured by the church into submission.  Ridiculed, embarrassed and shamed in front of their community and elders which once went to them for help and trusted them Professing that they did something wrong when they hadn’t done anything at all… all to stop the pain and maybe have some mercy, which most of the time they were killed anyway
Let’s get out selves straight for a moment and chew on the reality of the witch shall we….

Let’s start with the Witch in this multi part blog…
The term “Witch” started off many, many centuries ago in Europe.  It was NOT used as a slanderous name to call anyone… for the origins of the word WITCH and Wicca who the name is synonymous for, I refer to the definition that I think best explains it given by Doreen Valiente from the PAGAN LIBRARY… and her definition goes thusly…
there is an older derivation of the word witch that may perhaps be worthy of consideration. This may be found in A Concise Etymological Dictionary of the English Language by the Rev. Walter W Skeat (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1901). This book discusses the above-mentioned derivations from wicca, wicce, etc., and then in turn connects these old words with the Norwegian vikja, which means firstly ‘to turn aside’ and secondly ‘to conjure away’. Thus, speculates the Rev. Skeat, the word witch possibly meant ‘averter’.
He Professor Jeffrey Russell,  also mentions that the Anglo-Saxon word witega, a prophet or seer, comes from the Anglo-Saxon witan, to observe, which he says is ‘cognate with witan, to know.’. We have seen that Lewis Spence regarded witega as the origin of wicca. So who is right? In spite of all claims, it seems to me that it remains a matter of opinion. One thing we do know is that the word came to Britain with the Saxons, who at the time of their arrival on these shores were pagans. I believe that to them, the word witch (or whichever of its forerunners they used), did not necessarily have any derogatory meaning. A witch was a seer, a knower, an averter of evil. The word only took on a negative meaning with the coming of Christianity, which taught that all the gods of the heathen were devils. So anyone who clung o the old ways and the Old Religion was a devil worshipper. And annually, around Halloween, we still see the same old charges being made in the same old spirit of bigotry. Isn’t it sad that these good folk haven’t learnt anything since the Dark Ages?

Yes, sad indeed.  We do know that these “Witches” men and women alike, were revered in their communities as medicine men/women.  Those with knowledge by practice that could mix herbs, teas, and tinctures to help the sick get better… A lot of the women were midwives who saved a birthed child or sometimes the mother and child from death with crude cesarean sections the likes that their so called “Modern Medicine” had never seen… Those who with the help of being born vibrationally more attuned to higher levels of consciousness could talk to the spirits.  But once the Christian church came about, in efforts to convert more people to God, they machinated stories that these people danced with the “DEVIL” sold their souls to him in order to have “MAJICKAL” powers, that they would snatch people out of their slumber in order to sacrifice them to the damned one to stay in his good graces.

Now look, before you go on to say that I am bashing Christians, please hear me out,,, I have family members who are Staunch Roman Catholics… I have friends that are Christians,,,I have friends of all religious beliefs and I dig them all… I believe whatever floats your boat and makes you comfortable, and makes your soul sing, is what you should practice.  I’m just trying to educate you with a little history lesion.  So where did I leave off??
Ahhhh Yes… So when the Christian or Catholic church started recruiting or converting, they basically told people that we were evil and that we should be converted or punished… They told people that these creatures(Anybody who wasn’t Christian.. aka PAGANS) should be smote from the face of the earth and if they did so, that God would grant them a place in eternal bliss.  Thus started the witch hunts in Europe.. YESSS the witch hunts originally did not start on the colonial soil that we now call the good o’l USA… in 1692.. They started much earlier in Europe with the evolution of the Catholic church and then spread to the colonies.  This machination of the Higher ups in the newly formed Catholic church caused fear in the hearts of everyone.  Spinning tails that we as witches (pagans) danced with the devil, stole children out of their beds to eat them, rode on brooms, levitated, could transport ourselves into the fireplaces of homes of innocent victims… Those ideals are RUBBISH!!!

Look, I’m not stopping you from practicing black white, or indifferent majick.  What I’m begging you to do is to honor the ways of the ancestors that came before you and practiced.  Don’t get starry eyed… and blinded by what is on the screen… Majick is VERY REAL!!!  LEARN FROM SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND HAS BEEN PRACTICING FOR YEARS!!  LEARN THE RULES OF NATURE AND HOW MAJICK WORKS WITH NATURE.. Whatever majick you practice comes with a price to be paid… think before you do and be willing to accept the consequences that come with it

Bottom line….. And this is sooo true and YES it comes from my favorite movie of witchery all times… OK, OK,, SO SUE ME….


Follow the rules and do it for RIGHT reasons and PURITY of heart, and maybe you won’t have to see ME knocking on your door, to clean up YOUR MESS!!!
And so concludes my blog(BOOK II) part 1 of WITCHES, VAMPIRES AND DEMON’S OH MY..PLAYING WITH FIRE!!

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