BOOK I – Empaths and Indigo Children ~ Buffy Russell

I really want to tie in with what we posted about Indigo children and kind of further delve into that which we call INDIGO, STAR CHILDREN or RAINBOW CHILDREN so I have sometimes heard them called… These names are specific to children who are born with certain gifts or abilities as we sometimes like to call them.  Sometimes these gifts are generational (passed down from generation to generation) or they just happen by happenstance.  They just naturally occur in nature.  However these things happen, these abilities are gifts and should be treated as such, whether you believe that they came from God, Krishna, Shiva, Giresh, Buddah, The God and Goddess, Thor, Odin or what have you.

I would specifically like to touch on EMPATHS which I am and so is my youngest daughter.  I would like to clear the air from a lot of questions I get when I say that I am an Empath.  Such things as What does that Mean?  Where did you get that gift, Can you train someone to be an Empath, do you feel uncomfortable telling people, Show me that you are.

Let’s start by the definition of “EMPATH”  We as humans put on this plane of existence called EARTH, are carbon based beings as told to us  by science.. we have electrical systems all throughout our bodies that control specific functions like our brains, our hearts, our nervous system.  Even though we cannot see them firing electrical impulses, if we went to the specific doctors that are masters at each of these organs, they could hook us up to a machine and we could see the electrical impulses shooting off.  Well, our bodies are surrounded by an electrical force field.  Some people call this field your Aura and that it emits a color corresponding to your mood.  Some people call it a vibe.  These “VIBES” emit an electrical impulse through the atmosphere…  Makes me realize that the gurus of the 60’s were not so far off when they said that they dug your vibe.  Empaths have a special thing with their electrical force field,, that is that it works at a higher frequency than the average person which makes them very sensitive to and able to connect with emotional vibrations in the atmosphere. As empaths, our bodies take on the invisible energies in a room or off of someone until our “INNER JAR” overflows and we take on those emotions and react without anybody doing anything or saying anything to us.

Does this mean we can get vibes off of inanimate objects???  YES!!  from the last person who touched it. How does one who is an Empath deal with the outside??  This is a very touchy subject for those who are super or “HYPER” sensitive to the outside vibrations.  The outside world can be a very scary place for us.  Especially those who can not know how to shield themselves or know how to ground themselves.  A lot of us end up with Agoraphobia, or fear of the outside world.  A bunch of us get diagnosed with severe anxiety, depression, autism, emotional dysfunction, insomnia and a bunch of other emotional issue.  Does this mean we have all of them??  NO!  Does this mean we have some of these very real disorders, YES!!  Most of us do suffer from some of these issues because we were not taught how to deal with the overload of emotions coming at us all at one time so we thing that going nuts or shutting down TOTALLY from the outside world is the only way we can survive.  The body and the brain going into essential survival mode.  Certain places are a definite NO GO for those starting out and super super sensitive like MALLS, STADIUMS, CONCERT HALLS, PARADES, ELEVATORS, and even over crowded schools.  These are places that are super crowded and are just a typhoon or a tsunami of emotions coming at you at one time!!  At these moments, the last things we need to hear are that we are crazy, you need meds or we understand!!  NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!!  The more apt thing to say would be… I don’t know what you are going through but I’m here for you if and when you need me… No judgments….Look, I’m 43 years old and I STILL sometimes have to shut myself off from the world to recoup!!

Is this gift tough??  Is it a curse or a gift??   YES this gift is tough. I don’t know of any empath that has not questioned WHY ME!!  Is it a gift or a curse???  BOTH!  Just try and slip into our shoes for one day and you would then see why I say both.

IS there anything to help with the overload??  Yes and No!!  Look, I’ve been doing this for almost 40 years now and I have yet to meet a doctor or a clinic that accepts our gifts for real and has scientific based “Treatment” for people like us.  I didn’t have anyone to help fact my one parent thought I was crazy and needed “HELP”  I have however after 40 years of “WINGING” it come up with techniques that help me to be able to have a job and function as a normal part of society.. WEeeeellll, ALMOST normal haa haa haa… I find that daily meditation and putting up my shields, helps me on a daily basis.. Do I still get overloaded,, YES sometimes.  But that is just life.  That is why I council people who are first finding out that they have a gift and children who are finding life just on a hormone level tough… I believe that this was my purpose in life… to share my gift and my techniques and helping people.  When I see a child who was once cut off from the world, blossom into their own… THAT IS MY PAYMENT from the gods.  I am very lucky to have fallen into a space with Spirit Of The Sword Paranormal at just the right time… Yvonne would call it Synchronicity!!  And yes I do believe it was.  Listen, each of us is given GIFTS abate that mine and a multitude of others like me got gifts that are a little off the beaten path,,, Do not dispair… We are not the “WEIRDOS” the “NORMIES” or normal people are the “WEIRDOS” We are given these gifts for a specific purpose and the gods have given us the duty of finding out what they are for and what purpose they have..

In closing, I know I wrote a book instead of a blog.. So sue me.. I would like to leave you with the last question I get a lot of….. ARE YOU GUYS ALL THE SAME???  NO WE ARE NOT!! believe it or not,,,, there are several KINDS of empaths and here is the list with the definitions and YES you can have any combination there of…

The 10 Types of Empaths – Which One Are You?

Ladies and gentlemen, if you suspect that you are more sensitive than the people around you, then continue reading to find out if you too are an empath in an insensitive world. If you really are an empath, you will recognize some of these experiences that are faced by most empaths:
You tend to absorb other people’s feelings and emotions and experience them as your own
You consistently feel mental and physical fatigue
Your emotional state tends to swing throughout a day based on external stimuli
If someone close to you is in physical pain, you can feel their pain in your own body
You cherish solitude, which helps you refresh and recharge
People prefer to come to you with their problems
You simply cannot bear violence or cruelty
You are naturally caring and nurturing
You are an excellent listener
Your awareness of our physical environment is greater than normal, e.g. your sense of taste, smell, hearing, touch, etc.

Crowded places tend to overwhelm and drain you
Animals and children seem to be attracted to you
Different Types of Empaths – Which One Are You?
Yes, as we mentioned before – being an empath can have many benefits! But, at the same time, it can also weigh you down and cause anxiety. This is one of the reasons why it is important to understand our individual experiences in the hope to better understand ourselves. The following is a list of different types of empaths and a small description to help you understand what kind of an empath you may be.

1. Physically Receptive Empath…

Many empaths seem to be receptive to the physical pains and illnesses of other people. The pain can manifest in the empath’s own body – an ability which has proven to be extremely useful in healing.

2. Emotionally Receptive Empath…

Almost all empaths are extremely receptive of external emotional states. This can result in physically and emotionally feeling other people’s emotions before they are expressed.

3. Claircognizant Empath…

Claircognizant empaths have the ability to know if something needs to be done or if a statement of a person’s intentions is true or misleading, without any rational reasoning. Such empaths have the ability to know if they should do something or not.

4. Geomantic Empaths…

These empaths have the ability to read signals and energy transmitted from the soil or earth. Meaning, they can feel if a natural disaster is impending.
5. Fanna Empath…

Fanna empaths can feel, hear, and interact with animals.

6. Medium Empath…

Medium empaths, as the name suggests, can either feel, see or hear spirits.
7. Flora Empath…

Slightly similar to Fanna Empaths, as they can communicate with plants by being able to feel or receive their signals.

8. Psychometric Empath…

These empaths develop the ability to receive energy, impressions, and information from inanimate objects such as jewelry, photographs, etc.

9. Telepathic Empath…

Telepathic empaths can accurately read another peron’s unexpressed thoughts.

10. Precognitive Empath…

Such empaths can feel a situation or event before its occurrence. These usually manifests in the form of dreams of emotional or physical sensations. In this insensitive and coarse world, empaths can often find it difficult to maintain their inner harmony. But with self-awareness, everyone, including empaths, can learn to appreciate their unique gifts and abilities.

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