Demons Forgiven ~Yvonne Allen

I am a deliverance minister/ exorcist. I have the God given gift of discernment and the ability to remove demons from places, objects, and people. The demons know who I am and also know my power. I am not in fear, because the power comes from God. I am God’s vessel. I have respect for them, after all they are fallen angels and are extremely intelligent. They know my intentions are to serve God wholeheartedly.

I have sent many demons back to both Heaven and Hell. This is where the controversy comes in with those who believe this isn’t possible. I can tell you that I have offered demons the chance to go back to God. This comes to me from God. It really throws the demons off when I explain to them that God created all things and forgives us; therefore, he created demons and would forgive them also. He wants back all he created.

The response I get from them isn’t spoken, but seen in the eyes of the victim. I can tell which ones will go back to God before the deliverance is complete. They seem to calm down and leave without much of a fight. When they go, Archangel Michael, Angels, Our Miraculous Mother, The Saints, and/ or Jesus are already there to receive them. You may ask how I witness this miracle?  God has given me the gift of seeing.  I am able to see them go to the place where God intended.